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CupHolderHero Installation Guide

Honda Clarity 2017+

Thank you for purchasing a CupHolderHero product! If you have any question about your kit, such as missing pieces, receiving the wrong item, or you don't know where a liner should go, please send us an email at

1. Clean Before installing

To get the liners to stay in place, the cup holders and pockets must be clean before installation. We recommend simply using a wet rag to remove previous crumbs and spills. But you may have to get more aggressive depending on the condition of your cup holders.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously used a UV protectant or interior detailing cleaner in your pockets such as Armor-All or 303 Aerospace, or have just picked up from the dealership we recommend you clean you pockets with at least 50% isopropyl alcohol to remove this residue as the mats may not "stick" and may slide around.

2. Installing

Follow the installation guide below to put the liners to corresponding pockets.Adhesive Tape: Some liner come with double sided tape. Some vehicles will need this. (if you have rear seat foldable cup holders, for example)

     1. Make sure both the car and liner surfaces are clean.
     2. Remove one piece of tape from the white backer paper and apply it to the back of the liner. Press hard for 30 seconds.
     3. Remove the 3M side of the tape and gently place the liner in the pocket. Press gently.

3. Post Install Cleaning

Shake the dust and crumbs off the liners. Wash them with warm water if needed, then put them in the clean place let them dry naturally.  

     ***Missing pieces? Receive Wrong item? ***
Please contact us at

     ***Extra pieces?***
We include extra pieces to fit all trim levels of the car, it is very possible you will have extra pieces.  

     ***Curled Mats? ***
During shipping, some liners may get slightly bent and not sit flat in the compartments.  Usually, they will fix themselves in 1-2 weeks from sitting in your warm car. If you are in a cold climate you may need to use a hair dryer, wash the mat with hot water, or place them on your dashboard in the sun for a short time to fix the curling.