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Tesla Model 3: Why it’s a Marvel of Automotive Engineering

When American automotive brand, Tesla, launched its first car, the “Roadster”, back in 2008, the company was considered no more than an upstart in a segment that no one took seriously. Fast-forward to 2020, and things are very different now.

Now a $100 billion company, Tesla is at the forefront of the electric revolution. The company has given the world some truly astounding EVs, such as the Model X and the Model S. The latter’s “ludicrous” mode is the stuff of YouTube legends.

However, if automotive enthusiasts had one gripe with Tesla, it was that the company didn’t offer any mainstream models – and they had a point. A base Model S will set you back $79,990, while prices for the SUV, the Model X, start from an eye-watering $84,990.

But all of that changed in 2017 when Tesla announced the Model 3. With prices starting at around $35,000 – which is around the same as a BMW 3-series – the Model 3 was the first Tesla aimed at the mass market. And it would be an understatement to say that it was an instant success. Upon its launch, the Model 3 exceeded expectations by becoming not only Tesla’s best-selling model, but also the best-selling car in the United States by revenue.  

However, the attractive price tag isn’t the only thing that’s made the Model 3 such a popular car. In terms of tech features and drivability, the Tesla 3 is above and beyond anything else that falls in the same price bracket.

Here’s why we think it’s a marvel of automotive engineering.

Performance and the Driving Experience

By now, you’re probably familiar with the factors that make up the EV driving experience – the instant torque, the smoothness, the quietness, etc. So, instead, let’s focus on the things that set the Model 3 apart from its contemporaries.

Let’s address the speed first. Like its big brothers, the Model S and the Model X, the Model 3 is gut-warpingly fast. With Launch Control engaged, it will accelerate to 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.4 seconds.

And it’s the same story in the handling department. Although the Model 3 is quite a heavy car – which is no surprise considering it’s an EV – the way it changes direction simply beggars belief. When you rally push it in the corners, it feels agile, planted, aggressive.

So, how has Tesla achieved that with a car that tips the scales at well over 4,000 lbs.? Well, since the giant battery pack is placed in the floor pan, the Model 3 has an exceptionally low center of gravity. Then comes the clever torque vectoring system, which controls the delivery of power to each driven wheel according to the grip it has. Last but not the least, is the magnetically-controlled suspension, which can adjust itself hundreds of time per second in response to the steering angle and how much g-forces the car is being out under.

The Interior

The interior of the Model 3 stays true to the unique design language we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the Model S. The dashboard is basically just a huge slab of premium-quality wood (or carbon) that features a full-width air vent and a landscape-oriented 15-inch touchscreen unit.

The beautifully designed seats are supportive, comfortable, and are trimmed in vegan friendly polyurethane. The inside of a Tesla Model 3 is truly a wonderful place to be in. It feels open, airy, and there are no excessive controls, knobs, or buttons to confuse the driver. Whether you’re going out for a fun-filled ride around a track, or a road trip with your family, the Model 3 has the versatility to provide a great experience on both occasions.

Moreover, with 310 miles of range on a full-charge, the Model 3 can realistically be the only car in your garage. And if there’s a supercharger nearby, you can get 60 miles worth of juice in the batteries in just an hour.

The Final Verdict

Everything Tesla has done up towards this point has been leading towards the Model 3. It’s a genuine mass-market affordable EV. However, all of that doesn’t count for anything if the product doesn’t stand for itself. So, does it have what it takes to drag automotive enthusiasts from their diesel and gasoline powered cars? You bet it does.

The Model 3 is truly as good as it’s hyped up to be. It offers a satisfying drive, mind-blowing performance, and a myriad of tech features that we’ve never seen before. And last but not the least, it’s one of the very few EVs that you could define as cool.

How You Can Keep Your Tesla Model 3 in Brand-New Condition for Years

If you’ve recently acquired yourself a Tesla Model 3, we congratulate you! You’ve got yourself on of the most desirable and sought-after cars on the planet. However, while it’s the most affordable Tesla, with a base price of around $35,000, it’s still a hefty investment. And you’d want to do everything to ensure that your Model 3 stays showroom-fresh – both from the outside and inside – for as long as possible.

While periodic washing and waxing are enough to keep the exterior in the best condition, interior maintenance is a bit trickier. Wear and tear from everyday usage can really take a toll on your car’s interior. Not to mention, accidental food and beverage spills, cigarette smoke, and muddy shoes can make matters even worse. If you want to maintain your Tesla Model 3 value, it’s important to keep the interior in the best condition possible. Recessed areas of the interior, such as the cup holders and the storage compartments in the door panels, are particularly difficult to clean since they’re so difficult to reach.

Thankfully, here at Cup Holder Hero, we provide high-quality custom cup holder and center console liners like Tesla model 3 cup holder liner for a wide range of different makes and models, including the Tesla Model 3. These liners essentially act as floor mats for your console and cup holders, protecting them from spills, dirt and grime.

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